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    ADF Managed Bean List Object override previously stored value.

      Hi All,

      we create employee readonly table , which contains one af:selectBooleanCheckbox as column
      the value changeListener of af:selectBooleanCheckbox sets true, we try to the store the value in ArrayList object in ManagedBean of (SessionScope).

      public class Employee
           List <Boolean>CheckFlg=new ArrayList<Boolean>();
           public void checkBox_valueChanged(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent)
      flg =(Boolean)valueChangeEvent.getNewValue();

      Problem is when we select two checkboxes selected in table checkBox_valueChanged fired twice and previosly stored values are override. so we always conatins one value in List.
      how to avoid this overriding in mybean level code.

      our goal : Display no of Employees selected : 5(example)      

      Please help us to solve the problem.