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    Sir, Thanks for your help.

    Please read my posting again. I am newbie to PERFORMANCE Testing and looking for BEST Practices, as you said there are so many articles, perhaps! you could point me to few of them and with the help of this FORUM, you and I will discover the BEST practice :)
    It seems that you are looking for a parameter like _db=fast+ but that's not there. There is no article which says do X and all would be good. You have been given the link of performance tuning guide from documentation. Read it from cover to cover,apply what you would read in the daily job of yours and eventually , after a span of time you would be able to recognize those areas which would require attention and can be tuned. There is no 10 step do-this-always article available especially for performance tuning. Everything related to performance starts with the quote it depends .

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    After you get some idea of the basics, you should read and understand a book by one of the following authors:
    Cary Millsap
    Chris Lawson
    Craig Shallahammer
    Christian Antognini

    There are also others that are good, other posters may have their own opinions. Just avoid the ones from where Mark mentioned the link (though other authors from there are good in other specialties).

    "Best Practices" suffers from over generalization - what is best for someone else may not be best for you. It also tends to generate myths.
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