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    BI Desktop tools via Windows Terminal server

    Pier van der Graaf
      Dear Community,

      I need to install the BI Publisher desktop tools on our Windows server 2008.

      However, the 64bits installer pops up a dialog instructing to use 'BI Publisher Desktop installer 32bit', but the 32bit installer asks me to make sure JRE v 1.6 or later is installed.

      JRE and JAVA 1.7 update 4 (both 32 bit) are installed, so is MS Office 2010 SP3 32bit.

      Did anyone manage to install the Desktop tools on Windows server 2008, what was your experience (setup?)?

      Thank you in advance!

      Edited by: Pier van der Graaf on 13-mei-2013 4:45, added information about the servicepack version.