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    Java instability corrupted system

      A few days ago, while on Facebook, I got an error of jave 7 17 instability. Before I could update to 7 21, my browser crashed and would not come back. System restore seems to have been blocked as it does not complete successfully.
      Java 7 21, as well as older versions, cannot be verified as installed. In the java advanced section, java for internet explorer and java quick start are both greyed out indicating they can't be used - clearly java is not being allowed to run.

      A day later, internet explorer began self launching to random websites much like a photo slide show. Under win vista, ie has been made such that it can't be uninstalled BUT, I did find were I could turn it off which stopped the self launch issue.

      Unfortunately, am retired and do not have an extra $50 for a fix - have tentatively determine I need to back up what I can and rebuild the system, a time consuming problem and one I would prefer to avoid.

      Any suggestions?