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    Returning Hyperlinks in Portal Pagelets

      I created a component that stores announcements in a table that are posted in a pagelet in an employee portal. I would like to embed hyperlinks in the announcements, but they are presented as raw text in the return set.

      Is there a trick that I can use by changing the xsl code?

      The administrators will use an html editor to generate the code and will paste it in a text field to be saved to the database. When the pagelet launches, it will display a list of current announcements like:

      * There will be a Spring Book Fair at the Main Street Location, click here for more info.
      * All Manager Surveys are due by May 23
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          Would't be easier to create component with a long field on it?
          The announcements that should be presented in the pagelet could be entered using the Rich Text Editor (introduced in PT8.50), which automatically stores the data in HTML and presents it as HTML, so you can have hyperlinks. PeopleTools provides all the necessarily features to accomplish this.

          See following demo I had created on Interwindow Communication and pay attention to the right pagelet, with hyperlinks.