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    Problem to access OBIEE by workspace

      Good afternoon,

      My name is Marcos Antonio, I have a problem to access OBIEE through Workspace.

      When you log into the workspace browser, accessing the outside server, where the tools are installed OBIEE and Hyperion, followed by the menu "NAVIGATE - >> APPLICATIONS - >>"????? ". Should appears the OBIEE tools (Weblogic, BI Publisher, etc. ..), but does not appear.

      But I found that by accessing the workspace inside the server, but not the browser by typing the address, but through the "Start" menu - >> "All Programs" - >> "Oracle EPM System" - >> "Workspace "- >>" Workspace URL ", by logging in and accessing the same workspace menu" NAVIGATE - >> APPLICATIONS - >> "Weblogic, BIPublisher" appear on the menu all the tools OBIEE. already outside the server does not appear.

      This problem is because users do not have access to the server, they just access the tools by browser local machine.

      Anyone have any tips on how to do or What do we do to solve this problem?

      Thank you.

      Antonio Marcos