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      • 15. Re: Unable to purge bpel instances
        Hi Vikram,
        In your script provide schema info of soa.delete_instances() is a procedure available in XXX_SOAINFRA user --> SOA package and delete_instance() is the procedure that you are calling. In my case it is PROD_SOAINFRA check in your environment and provide corresponding details. The script i provided worked on version.

        • 16. Re: Unable to purge bpel instances
          Hi Kann,

          Yes it is giving count as 0 but when i do a select count(*) from composite_instance alone it give me a value of 396. I checked the table and the date is between 14th April 2013 to 15th May 2013 when difference instance got created.

          It seems may be their is some issue with the data time standard which is not able to find the value accordingly.

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            Can anyone please help me on this ?
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              Here's a copy of the purge script we run nightly on 11.1.16 and it seems to work for us. Hope this helps.

              CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE Run_Oracle_Purge_Pkg IS

              Max_Creation_Date TIMESTAMP;
              Min_Creation_Date TIMESTAMP;
              Batch_Size INTEGER;
              Max_Runtime INTEGER;
              Retention_Period TIMESTAMP;
              Max_Create_Days INTEGER;
              Min_Create_Days INTEGER;
              Cur_Timestamp TIMESTAMP;


              -- purge all instances up to 15 days back
              Max_Create_Days := 15;
              Min_Create_Days := 300;
              SELECT Systimestamp INTO Cur_Timestamp FROM Dual;

              Min_Creation_Date := Cur_Timestamp - Min_Create_Days;
              Max_Creation_Date := Cur_Timestamp - Max_Create_Days;
              Max_Runtime := 120; -- minutes
              Retention_Period := Max_Creation_Date;
              Batch_Size := 50000;

              Soa.Delete_Instances(Min_Creation_Date => Min_Creation_Date,
              Max_Creation_Date => Max_Creation_Date,
              Batch_Size => Batch_Size, Max_Runtime => Max_Runtime,
              Retention_Period => Retention_Period,
              Purge_Partitioned_Component => False

              END Run_Oracle_Purge_Pkg;
              • 19. Re: Unable to purge bpel instances
                Hmm still no luck :-(
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