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    Oracle forms standard/default menu - Record Delete option

      Hi ,

      Oracle forms provides a standard menu with the below options.
      Action , Query , Block , Record , Help etc.

      Under each of these Menu options there are sub options.
      Eg: Under Record we have Previous , Next , Insert , Delete etc.

      Can someone please tell me how to control this menu item options for different forms.

      Eg: for 1 form i want to allow the Record - Delete option but for another form i dont want to give this option.
      How to do this ??

      Please help....

      I tried to search for the solution but couldnt get the right answer. Hope someone will help me out here.

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          The Oracle Forms documentation states:

          The Default menu is built-in to every form, and is not a separate menu module.

          You cannot change the structure of the Default menu or edit the menu items it

          If your application requires
          unique menu functions, you must create a custom menu module and attach it to
          your form.

          If the internal default menu almost meets your needs, you can attach the
          "menudef.mmb" approximation of the default menu to the form. You can then
          rename and edit this menu.

          You can download the demo version for 10g R2 and menudefs_10g.mmb is included with the demos.

          You will get menudef_10g.mmb and menudefs_10g.mmb.
          If needed check metalink note:
          Differences between menudef.mmb and menudefs.mmb menu files. [ID 1081136.1]

          Kind regards,

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            Thanks for your reply Alex.

            But the Application that I am working on has few forms.
            Some of them have the "Record - Delete" option while some of them dont have the "Record - Delete" option.

            Which means there is a certain way to control i.e hide/unhide the menu items available in the default menubar.

            Moreover I feel that since the menu options available change based on the form. It means there must be a control in the actual form (not the menu form) to hide/unhide the different menu items.

            Help me to resolve this.

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              I noticed that there is a seperate menu created by the old developer. He was a genius, i really miss him ....

              Made little changes and i achieved what i wanted. :)

              Sometimes when we look at things with patience .. we get our answers !