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    12c Agent -  Setting Script Permission

      I am developing a plugin and the scripts packaged in the opar have 644 permission when deployed to an agent system.

      I have read where 644 permissions are the default but I can't figure out how to assign execute permissions to the list of files I need to execute to support report definitions of the plug-in.

      Sudo has already been baked into the scripts and system running the agent software.
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          I talked to an Oracle expert who explained that for security reasons plugins are packaged with umask 022. For plugins that previously relied on executing a script should now launch it like "sh my-script.sh" or "perl my-perl.pl".

          My problem was that the collection routine was attempting to run "./my-script.sh" which failed because the script had 644 permission. Running "sh ./my-script.sh" will function as expected with 644 permission.