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    ODIOBIEE lineage set up

      Hi Experts,

      I am trying to implement the lineage set up between ODI and OBIEE.
      Software used for this is,
      ODI 10g(,
      OBIEE 10g(
      JDK 1.6.
      Windows 7 environment.

      For the first time while implementing the setup, I have created lineage reports in dashboard page.
      Due to some internal problems means I don't know how exactly it came with OBIEE(what it is "Access denied for the dashboard, please contact your administrator to see the dasboard), then I have uninstalled the OBIEE and install it in another drive in my local machine.
      From then, I am not able to proceed with "*Exporting the OBIEE Web Catalog Report to a Text File*" step.

      The above is the link used for the set up.

      Can anyone help me in this please....

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          Ayush Ganeriwal-Oracle
          The information provided here is not sufficient for any analysis. You should provide what exact error you are getting in ODI while running which step.
          From your description it seems the configuration has been messed up. So I would suggest to work with support to get it analyzed.
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            Hi Ayush Ganeriwal ,

            Thx for your reply on this. I am getting any errors with lineage set up. The thing is in one of the step i.e Importing the Web Catalog Requests we first do archive for the back up files, then unarchive step. Here OBIEE catalog manager would automatically create the ODI folder which contains some reports. These reports could be used for checking the runtime stats, lineage hierarchy, prompt lineage etc..
            For me OBIEE is not creating any ODI back up files using the catalog manager.
            This is what I am looking for. So please suggest me in what way I can come across with this step.
            Problem occurred: There are two drives in my PC. For the first time we installed the OBIEE software in D drive. With out uninstalling the software we deleted from D drive. Later we installed the OBIEE in C drive. For the very first time I created the ODI back up files but not the second time.

            Hope you will be understanding the situation. Suggest me here please.

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              Ayush Ganeriwal-Oracle
              Hi Sahdeva,

              From your description it seems more of a question for OBIEE web catalog, which is generating the ODI artifacts. I would suggest checking this with experts from OBIEE forum.