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    configure target database into EM

      Hello All,

      We have EM 11g installed on win server, and it is been used for monitoring purpose for some of our LIVE instances.

      Yesterday we have configured EM agent in a new live instance (say PRODTEST) , now we have to configure this OTM database to EM to monitoring purpose.

      I simply loged in em console, in the HOST screen I am getting PRODTESThost entry.

      I went out database -> search (SID NAME) --> Go no result found here.
      then I click on Add->put HOST name and search --> continue

      in the result bar nothing appear then I click on Manual Add. Following entry I have to put

      Name: PRODTEST
      Oracle home path:
      Monitor Username: dbsnmp (this taking by default)
      Monitor Password: Here where I stuck. I dont know the password it is asking from EM or PRODTEST database ???? bcoz this is default user and exist in all intsalled database.

      Please suggest me into this.....

      Thanks again.