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    How to remove user sessions in Forms11g

    carlos cortez

      At the enterprise manager 11g i can see many user sessions from a past day, so i'd like to know what can i do to:

      1. Remove these user sessions
      2. Which values should i change o what politics should i apply to reduce the session's duration time.

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          You can stop/kill user sessions from the "user sessions" screen in EM/Fusion Middleware Control. Select the session and kill it. The user will be greeted with a error message that their runtime session has been terminated.

          If you are looking to force a user friendly timeout of the forms sessions in your forms application, the best way is to implement a java timeout bean. It is an application change, but its really the best way to do things. If you use server-side timeouts, it will not be user friendly and make your users think the application is broken.

          Discussed here:
          How to close a form automatically if it is idle for 1 minute?

          Can download demo example here:

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