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    SAF Agents - Message not getting distributed equally

      Hi All,

      we have come across a very strange issue.
      we are using weblogic, SOA11.1.1.5, AIA FP and O2A PIP on top. we have 6 managed servers distributed across 3 machines.

      In our test environment we have configured SAF Queues for our clustered servers. OOTB configuration did not had multiple SAF Agents to distribute load equally to each managed servers.
      so we:
      • Created 6 persistent store and target is migratable.
      • Created six SAF agents pointing to 6 persistent store.
      • Created one subdeployment in AIAJMSModule and target to 6 SAF agents.
      • In imported SAF destination added these subdeployment, so now this is targeted to 6 SAF agents.

      This setup is working fine in test environment and message is distributing equally in each SAF agents. i.e. if we fire 60 messages, 10 messages are going to each SAF Agent.

      But the issue comes when we do the same setup in our PROD server.
      we have verified the configuration we did and it is exactly same as our test env.
      but the message is not getting distributed at all, and it is going randomly to any one SAF Agent.
      we are not able to understand what could be the issue.

      Any help for this issue is highly appreciated.

      Thanks in Advance,