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    JhsModel not on classpath

      Hi Steven and others,

      Greetings from Thailand!

      I am running JHeadstart against JDeveloper, so both the latest and greatest at the moment.

      I can get JHeadstart applications to run just fine, however I have some minor problems / bugs to log:

      1. When I compile my Model project, it always gives the following warning:

      Warning: xxx.editor.model.Model: One or more of the imported Business Component Projects are not on the classpath. Because of this, there may be missing referenced objects from the missing import(s). JhsModel

      This would make sense if JhsModel is not on the classpath, but it is included through the normal JHeadstart library. I can also see it under properties -> ADFBC -> Imports.

      2. A tad more seriously (and possibly related) is the error I often get when running the JHS generator that it cannot find my application module. Refreshing Data Controls seems to help though, but not always. No showstopper, just annoying.

      3. The AuthenticationFilter that implements the 'secure all pages' feature does not get added to web.xml automatically it seems.

      Just wanted to let you know. If there are any solutions already, please let me know on this forum so others can enjoy that too.

      Keep up the good work!

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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle
          Hi Evert-Jan,

          1. Hmm, might be a JDev bug. If you remove jhsModel, and manually import it, do you then still have the same error. If so, it looks like a JDev bug.

          2. Yes, I have noticed this as well. Typically, the sdolution is to open the AM and rebuild the model project. We will investigate whether there is way to always load the model objects prior to generation.

          3. The authentication filter should only be added when you use custom security. What are your security settings in the app def?

          Steven Davelaar,
          JHeadstart Team.
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            Hi Steven,

            Regarding 2: It seems that if I get this error and then regenerate with Jheadstart, it also messes up my AM by setting the superclass to JHSApplicationModuleImpl (instead of my custom superclass that extends JHSApplicationModuleImpl) and adding all the JhsAM functions to the AMClient (creating duplicates even!). I have even unchecked the 'Set AM superclass to JHSApplicationModuleImpl' setting so it should never happen anyway. It's a bit hard to reproduce so can't tell for sure, but this behavior is odd anyway since I am doing nothing out of the ordinary. Good thing we have Subversion revert for this though ;-)

            Regarding 3: I use custom security for authorisation and authentication, so that was not the problem.

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              Steven Davelaar-Oracle

              The "secure all pages" setting is only used in combination with ADF/JAAS security.
              With custom security, the authentication filter by default always secures all pages.

              Steven Davelaar,
              JHeadstart team.