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    how to determine a Bidirectional relation when add a related Content in UCM

      Good Day All,
      i want to use "ADD_RELATED_CONTENT" service that are defined within the LinkManager Component.

      i use the following parameters in my code and it works fine

      request.putLocal("IdcService", "ADD_RELATED_CONTENT");
      request.putLocal("dLinkTypeID", "4");
      request.putLocal("dSource", "CS");
      request.putLocal("dID", "16162");
      request.putLocal("addLinkID", dId);

      what i want to do:

      - add a related content of type Cross-Reference Class (dLinkTypeID=4) with Bidirection relation not unidirection. The above code add a content as a unidirection relation.

      is there is any specific parameter that i need to specify in order to determine the Bidirectional relation?