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    Issue with backup and recovery of WLS

      I have installed WLS 10.3.6 in my 64-bit Linux box, now I am trying to take backup my server. I have a web-application deployed to my WLS, the path to my war file was something like:

      Now to take backup I ran tar command on my current Linux box, now I copied the .tar files to my new Linux box and extracted it. When I am starting my weblogic server it is looking for the war file from the path <home_dir>/install/myapp.war which does not exist on my new machine. So I logged into Admin console of WLS on my new machine and trying to change the path for myapp.war by clikcing update button. But I am getting this error when I change the path:

      weblogic.management.ManagementException: [Deployer:149007]New source location, '/u01/Oracle/install_files/myapp.war', cannot be deployed to configured application, 'myapp'. The application source is at '<home_dir>/myapp.war'. Changing the source location is not allowed for a previously attempted deployment. Try deploying without specifying the source.
      Update operation failed - no deployments changed.

      Please help me how to deploy my files. I'm expecting backup and recovery option should also take care of deployed files but it is not happening in my case, is that wrong?