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    Java was started but returned exit code=8096

      Perusing the internet found these 4 options as a possible solution but none panned out. Does anyone have any idea why this exit code would be occurring? Occurs using RDz

      Possible solutions indicated for JVM terminated, exit code = 8096:
      Option 1. Clear the temp file folder and restart the computer

      Option 2. Cear the corrupted cache using this command: javaw.exe -Xsharedclasses:destroy. Before you use this command, please first make sure javaw.exe is not running.

      Option 3: If ClearCase is used for version control, please make sure all artifacts' names are not longer than 256

      Option 4: Remove the following environment variables: JAVA_OPTIONS, JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS, IBM_JAVA_OPTIONS

      The eclipse.ini in RDz has the following options:
      C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP\jdk\jre\bin\javaw.exe
      C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP