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    OSB system user authentication failed

      Hello -

      I am running 11g and get a few errors when I try to bring up my admin server. I think the root problem is the following:

      <Failed to initialize the application 'ALSB Framework Starter Application' due to error java.lang.RuntimeException: OSB system user authentication failed.
      java.lang.RuntimeException: OSB system user authentication failed
           at com.bea.wli.sb.security.SecurityModuleImpl.runAlsbPrivilegedAction(SecurityModuleImpl.java:341)
           at com.bea.wli.sb.security.SecurityModuleImpl.jndiBind(SecurityModuleImpl.java:412)

      However, the server starts and I can login to the console.

      I cannot login to the osb for whatever reason. When I try to login to the osb (sbconsole) I get the following error: "Access Forbidden. The server is refusing to fulfill the request."

      I know I have the right username and password...

      I found the following threads with the exact same problem but all of the answers were wrong (for me and for the posters):
      Changing admin password for soa suite 11g domain
      OSB console locked while changing Admin Server system password

      I tried resetting the admin password but this didn't help correct the issue. Help?