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    How to skip DBCA GUI conf with the minimum Scripts/Steps ? (11.1g Win7)

      In order to create an API specific DB the GUI DBCA process its relatively time consuming and repetitive.

      Research ended that you can skip it by executing scripts and oracle commands separately but they will be so many that it doesnt worth + it will needs much research to do it correctly

      But since the DB configuration is a simplest one with the least components, I wanter if its possible to pack all needed scripts and commands in a MEGA-SCRIPT (or batch) or the fewer possible to see if it worths trying it.

      If so, you could propose resources so I gather the scripts/commands I need (I'm not expecting it ready sure)

      Here the DBCA configuration, you see it uses almost nothing, so maybe the manual process is the simplest possible.
      It will be good also for me to understand the inner processes.

      *1. DBCA DB Creation*
      Create Database
      Custom Database
      File Server
      Configure Enterprise Manager
      No notifications
      File System
      Database File Locations from Template
      No Flash Recovery-No Archiving-No Oracle JVM-No Oracle XML DB
      Only Enterprise Manager Repository (SYSAUX)
      Typical Memory <1GB
      Automatic Memory Management
      Standard Sizing 8192 etc.
      Characters Set chose AL32UTF8
      Dedicated Server Mode
      Keep default 11g sec settings

      *2.TNS* Just setup a simple network service at tns.ora (copy-paste with curent HS/1521port)

      *3. Tablespace/Wrights script :* Just execute a script to create 1 tablespace some users and wrights.

      Thank you so much,
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