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    Can Actionable Emails capture dynamic information


      Hope you are doing fine.
      I have a scenario where the taskform for a participant looks like below


      Prj1 Act1 Comments1 App/Rej DropDown
      Prj1 Act2 Comments1 App/Rej DropDown
      Prj2 Act1 Comments1 App/Rej DropDown
      and so on....

      Each line has a dropdown which the participant selects, and finally submit the whole taskform(using the default created submit button), which then calls a BPEL process, loops over each of these lines and does the remaining work.

      This is hapenning fine in BPM Workspace.
      My question is, can the same feature be captured using Actionable Emails?
      As far as I know, Actionable Emails support Approve/Reject the whole form, comments, attachments.
      But this scenario is different in that it is not a bulk approve/reject. User has to select the decision against each line in the form. So, can the same ADF type dynamic nature be replicated in an Email?
      As far as I know, email is just static, where it displays data and either you approve the whole thing or reject.
      Please Advice.