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    Oracle Developer Suite Home

      Hi guys!
      I have downloaded the Oracle Developer Suite 10g BUT I'm having a problem on installing it...
      I'm running a Windows 7 64-bit
      I'm using it for studying... the FORMS and others.
      THANK YOU!
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          Just using this combination for studying is not possible. See:

          You can run Developer Suite 10g on W7 32 bit, but you also need some patches.
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            I am using Windows 7 x64 bit now...
            I already installed the Oracle Database 11gR2
            and I so far i have no problemes with it...

            But now, I have to study also the FORMS and other in
            Oracle Developer Suite 10g.
            This is the File name: ds_windows_x86_101202_disk1 (2 parts merged in this folder)

            BUT when I tried to install it....
            This is what it shows

            "Starting Oracle Universal Installer...

            Checking installer requirements...

            Checking operating system version: must be 5.0, 5.1 or 5.2 . Actual 6.1
            Failed <<<<

            Exiting Oracle Universal Installer, log for this session can be found at C:\Prog
            ram Files (x86)\Oracle\Inventory\logs\installActions2013-05-17_09-05-48PM.log

            Please press Enter to exit..."

            I already tried again for many times but I can't install it.....