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    Owb nested table mapping problem

      Hi all,

      I have a product User and some nested tables in it. One of them is ProductDocument Table. I wrote creation script of nested type, and the ProductDocument table below for better understanding.
      I designed a dimension and tried to map values to dimension table from ProductDocument table.
      I tried using expand_object component (I choose Type_Document in expand object because there was no Document). But DocumentId in ProductDocument table's type is Document and expand object was type_document this made an error. I also tried to use anydata cast component in this case i got "PLS-00302: component 'GETTYPENAME' must be declared" error. My experimentations was unsuccessfull.
      What is the way of transferring data from nested table to dimension table.

      -CREATE type Type_Document as object(
           DocumentID number,
           Title varchar2(50),
           FileName varchar2(400),
           FileExtension varchar2(8),
           Revision varchar2(5),
           ChangeNumber number,
           Status number,
           DocumentSummary varchar2(100),
           ModifiedDate date);

      -CREATE TYPE Document AS TABLE OF Type_Document;

      -CREATE TABLE ProductDocument(
           ProductID number NOT NULL,
           DocumentId Document,
           ModifiedDate date NOT NULL)
      NESTED TABLE DocumentId STORE AS Document_TABLE;

      Thank you for reading and attention.
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          Hi i solved my problem by trying.
          I used varray iterator component from component palette, which takes document type attribute as input and type_document type attribute as output.
          I also put an expand object component and binded output of varray iterator as input.
          Finnaly i bind required attributes to dimension table. My mapping finnally worked successfully :)