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    "No J2ME compatible platform is installed in the IDE" message

      The instructions on http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javame/javamobile/training/jmesdk/index.html are not up to date.
      So I have some problems. I have already installed:

      1) Java S.E. SDK 1.7.0_21
      2) NetBeans IDE 7.3
      3) Java M.E. SDK 3.3
      in Windows 7 SP.1 pc.

      I am selecting Create New Project -> I am choosing project: Java ME->Mobile Application -> NEXT button, and a message

      "No J2ME compatible platform is installed in the IDE. You need to have at least one J2ME compatible platform installed in the IDE."

      appears in the "New Mobile Application" window.

      I am pressing "Install SDK, Platform, Emulator.." and the window "Java Platform Manager" appears. There are three tabs: Classes, Sources, Javadoc and a button "Add Platform".

      What should I do next? I have tried some things but nothing happens.

      Thank you so much in advance!