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      • 15. Re: How to auto start and stop the database on startup and shutdown of the OS
        Ok, then .. we know your database is not restarting at server startup, in spite of the fact it looks as if you have your dbora, dbstart, and dbshut scripts all in place. How do we go about tracing the activity of those scripts?
        Good point how do you go about tracing the activity of those scripts and will showing you the logs help you do this? Also I'm pursing help from Oracle support as well, so I will share any successful solutions they can offer as well.
        If I needed to trace what a shell script was doing, I'd add some 'echo' commands at key points, with redirection to a known file:
        echo 'we are here' >> /tmp/myfile.lis 2>&1
        If I had complete control over the entire process (which we don't in this case), I'd add the line
        set -x
        at the beginning of the script, then arrange to capture stdout and errout for the entire script:
        #---- the name of this script is doit.sh ------
        set -x
        #--- do whatever it is it does ---
        then to execute and capture it all:
        doit.sh > /temp/doit.log 2>&1
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