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    How to add items to custom stack and use stack later on in another template

      Sawatdii khrap ('hello' in Thai),

      I am building an application where I want to add rendered expressions /<f:attribute> tags to various items across my pages. E.g. for an item I would add an <f:attribute name="SCREEN_ELEMENT" value="SCREEN.EMPLOYEES.ITEM.SALARY">

      This value relates to an entry in the database (and is used for security/customisation purposes). So I have also adapted jhsPermissionsData.vm to generate a SQL insert for every item that has such an attribute.

      So far so good, and it all works. However, it is rather awkward to keep the two in sync (the attributes on screen and the SQL generation). I would much rather add the "SCREEN.EMPLOYEES.ITEM.SALARY" on some sort of stack, and generate the stack to a SQL file once the service has been generated. Much like the managed beans are put in a map and generated in the adf-config file later on.

      Is there any way in the current release of Jheadstart to get this done?

      If not, perhaps it's a nice feature request to have a bunch of custom stacks (e.g. ${JHS.current.service.stack1.push() and ...pop() ) or lists so I could use a custom stack to add my items to them, and retrieve them later to generate the file.