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    How to apply MFL dynamically on a copy book data


      This seemingly simple problem became a nightmare for me . Please help me out . The problem goes like this :

      My OSB proxy picks a copy book message from MQ . I need to interrogate this message and based on some particular fields (determined by their locations in copy book) need to apply one of the several MFL files . My problem is that if I make the "Request type" as "text" then interrogating the copy book works fine but MFL transformation fails . If I make the request type as "binary" , then although MFL works fine but I cant parse the copy book message to get those particular fields .

      Solutions I tried :

      1) Make 2 proxies . First one as MQ/text . Interrogate the copy book here and call other proxy service which is http/binary .
      Problem : 1) How to pass interrogated fields from first to second proxy . 2) Message is changed when sent to second proxy and the same MFL fails which passes if applied to first proxy.

      2) Make binary proxy and call Java Code to transform binary to text in single proxy . I was not able to make it work . Is ctx:binary/@ref contains my complete data ?? If any one can provide working java class .

      Any other approach if anyone could suggest . Thanks in advance