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    CC&B v2.4 ApplicationViewer

      Hi All,

      Looking for a standalone (!) Application Viewer for CC&B v2.4.
      Does somebody know whether such a thing ever exists today?

      I used to work with standalone AppViewers for all my previous projects based various versions of CC&B up to v2.2. I found this tool extremely useful and helpful for virtually all types of design/development/troubleshooting tasks.
      Now with moving to the most recent version of CC&B I was hoping to get this tool available again. But I can't find it anywhere.

      Being a mobile worker I often do my job in areas where connection to CC&B environment is either not possible at all (e.g. some airports) or have very limited connection quality (it happens quite often even in my home office). So working with Application Viewer integrated into remotely located CC&B environment either impossible at all or becomes a real pain. Having standalone Application Viewer solves all these problems.

      Many thanks,

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          Its nornally a folder(appViewer) stored under <splbase>\splapp\applications\appViewer. splbase is the folder in which your application instance is installed.

          You make a copy of this folder in your machine and the appViewer.html to access application viewer.

          You need to have access to this folder in the server or your admin should be able to copy it for you.

          I am saying this based on 2.3.1 not sure if something got changed in 2.4

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