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    M5000 XSCFU password lost


      I have an M5000 , when changing password , there was a type mistake when entering the new password , so now i don't have access.

      FYI : default account password is set and not known

      Is there any way i can reset this password or the default password?

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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
          Did you tried to follow the procedure in XSCF User’s Guide chapter 2.1.1 ?
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            Previos authors correct.

            Use this doc: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19580-01/E25381/E25381.pdf
            Page 3.

            Log in with the following default user account and password:
            ■ Default user account: default
            The user privileges are useradm, platadm.
            ■ Default password:
            The default password is not input directly on the keyboard. Instead, after the
            default user account is input, the mode switch of the operator panel is operated
            as follows.
            a. If Locked, change to Service. (Or if Service, change to Locked)
            b. Press return. Keep the status for more than 5 seconds.
            c. Change to Locked. (Or change to Service)
            d. Press return.
            This mode switch operation is done within one minute. When one minute is
            passed, the authentication timeout occurs.