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    Adapter loosing events at reconnection

      Hi all,
      I have a subscriber DB adapter on a windows machine connected to a Hub interconenct on HPUX.
      Sometimes i have networks disruption between the 2 nodes and to my surprise the DB adapter reconnect but looses its Event subscribing information (metadata cache is bad).
      Messages on the Event stay in the OAI_HUB_QUEUE in ready state.
      The problem is solved when stop/restart the adapter but i think this is not normal.
      Is someone having the same behaviour ?
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          You may want to try the following settings short term just to see if this helps your problem: In adapter.ini of your DB adapter try the following settings:-

          Hope this helps

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            This is a good idea and i have setup the DB adapter like this to see (it's a production adapter)

            The problem is not simple as i didn't achieve in reproducing this behaviour on a test environment : the adapter manage very well database or network disruption without loosing its cache. (lukilly )

            Thanks for your help,