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    Prepare the shipment


      Process Overview:

      Currently our inventory items are "Not Reservable", and when the shipping depart runs the Release Sales orders and prints the pick slip it will release all the sales order to be shipped as of that day. This process works fine and allows shipping department to prepare the shipment even though the items is not ready and will wait for production to stage the remaining items (*we have just in time process in place and we plan production for 1 week on order bases*).


      We are changing the item to Reservable and this will cause the items not to print on pick slip report when Release Sales order is ran. Shipping needs to know what items they are waiting for as shipping needs to plan the freight carrier. Sometime the production is just completed before 1 hour of shipment and shipping department may not notice unless Customer Relations or Production manually communicate to shipping that we have the parts ready for shipping. (Shipping needs to go to the Order Organizer screen and verify if all the lines are picked and printed on the pick slip.)


      Needs a way to allow shipping department to view the order to prepare the shipment before the production is ready, Items to be Reservable and some customers needs only one delivery number for ASNs or 1 shipment.

      Is there anyway in Oracle out of the box functionality where we can achieve this goal.

      Thanks in Advance,