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    Request Info : Siebel for Corporate/Investment/Business Banking

    Derek Chung
      May I know if anyone has any experience in Siebel for Corporate Banking. If I'm not mistaken, Siebel has quite a number of Retail/Consumer Banking clients with a couple of case studies. However, there is little in terms of Corporate Banking scene. Hope I'm wrong in this matter.

      If there is a great solution positioning for Siebel in Corporate Banking, please feel free to contribute. Base on my limited knowledge in Corporate Banking which spans many area such as Wealth Management, Trade Finance, FX and many more, does Siebel has anything to offer beside account management and sales management (eg. Target A/C Sellling). I'm assuming for more end to end solution perspective, some sort of integration to FSGBU (FlexCube, I assume) is needed. Question is has there been any attempt to offer such end to end solution? Or will Siebel Customer Order Management for Financial suffice for such matter.

      The point I am trying to gauge here is there a good solution positioning (trial and tested) that can be offered. One more thing, I would truly appreciate if anyone can send my way existing installed based customer reference as well as case study if available.

      Truly appreciate the community feedback. Thanks in advance.