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    Synchronize Flow from OCH to Legacy System in AIA


      We are in the middle of designing a synchronization between Oracle Customer Hub and a legacy application for Customer Information.

      Please find below simplified data view:
      Customer (Person/Org) Consists of the following elements:
      Profile level attributes - like ID, name, dob, etc...
      Child Level entitities like:
      1- Address: 1 to n addresses
      2- Phone Numbers: 1 to n Phone numbers

      The require synchronization should be two way taking into consideration that the main requirement is fine-grained updates between both systems.
      And the following are the principals that we need to adhere to:
      1- Not to keep cross referencing information in the middleware (AIA)
      2- Store Cross-referencing information on OCH - but only at the parent profile level.
      3- No cross-referencing to be stored for the child level entities.

      The issue is:
      What can be the approach to synchronize the individual updates. Let's say an update in a phone number happend in OCH - how can we identify which phone number is updated to be able to update it n target legacy if we don't store identifiers for the individual child elements.

      Suggested approaches:
      1- Always send old and new version of every update from source to be able to select and identifier from the target based on the elements in the old data - and then perform the update.

      It will be so much appreciated of someone can share his thoughts/ideas on this. and if anyone faced the same kind of issue before.