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    2 different AD resources for the same physical AD, any problems with this?

      A company has merged. All users are now in the same ActiveDirectory under o=TEM,dc=US,dc=Root

      The users are scattered in hundreds of ous throughout that tree.

      However, I can pin down the users that Waveset is to manage in just 2 OUs: (there are just a handfull of child ous beneath these)


      What I want to try is to have 2 AD resources OMAD and KMAD and their respective ActiveSync policies.

      BUT. they are both pointing to same AD. And I guess both ActiveSyncs will be using the same AD changelog.

      Will I lose changes relating to OM when the KM A/S poll takes place and the Workflow is run?
      Will I lose any KM changes when the OM A/s poll happens..??

      The alternative is a horrendous logical nightmare trying to figure out if this user is to be processed or not as I will be having to process all changes for ALL users in the AD.

      Is this a possible approach?