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    Cloning Hard Drive on T4 Server

      Hi all,

      I was trying to clone the hard drive on a new T4 server using "dd", but realized that the disk name is much longer than the traditional naming format. And "format" shows slice 2 as "unassigned", doesn't seem to refer to the whole disk as on a typical Solaris system.

      Is this disk naming something new on the T4 server and if dd would no longer work for this naming, then any other suggestions to clone the hard drive?

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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
          That you can "see" slice 2 is probably due as the disk is under ZFS management. You can still change to UFS if you want.
          Regarding the disk naming, the disk is recognized with WWN name and the whole disk name is in this format : c<n>t<WWN>d<n>

          If the disk is really under ZFS, then you should use "zfs send" command to duplicate the content.