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    column mapping

      when i upload a *.cvs file into oracle express using the data upload tool the column mapping changes. i have uploaded the same data before, to test things out, i have deleted all the data in the table and now want to load in fresh data for further testing and the mapping looks good in the *.cvs file before i upload but when i get to the last step the columns have changed position in the *.cvs file.

      any idea why that may happen? and what can i do to prevent it from happening.

      thank you in advance.
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          and the mapping looks good in the *.cvs file
          A "looks good" is one thing, sometimes its not exactly an "is good" thing. Double check your .csv file, make sure there are no additional columns (i.e. extra commas) in the .cvs file.

          Try making a copy of the .cvs file and rename it to <foo>.txt so it can open with notepad, or type it to the console and count the commas. If the source is a spreadsheet, double check that only the desired columns are selected when creating the .csv file. Or import the .csv into an empty spreadsheet- that might reveal there's more in the file than what is wanted.

          If you're repeating the same exact steps but expecting different results ... well, things just don't quite work out that way at all. ;(