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    EBS 12.1.3: Unable to throw custom error messages back to Excel document

      Hi Gurus,

      We are on 12.1.3 using Desktop Integration Framework.
      I created a API Procedure based custom Integrator.
      In the PLSQL procedure, I have raise_application_error(-20009, ‘Custom Error’) but this message never comes through.
      It always shows a ‘SQL exception occurred during PL/SQL upload’.

      When it is a success, it shows a green smiley which is fine.
      But when there is a explicit raise_application_error in plsql proc, I would like the error message to flow all the way back to Excel document.

      1.) What should I be using 'API Procedure or API Function' in the Custom Integrator,
      2.) Should it return Error Message or FND Message?

      Has it worked for anyone in 12.1.3?
      Please let me know.