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    OracleAQ  JCA with JBoss

      JBoss EAP 4.x and 5.x ships with a generic JMS JCA RA that can be used to integrate with most JMS compliant providers (e.g. ActiveMQ, SonicMQ, etc.). The key to integration using this generic JMS JCA RA is creating a properly configured JMSProviderLoader. The JMSProviderLoader was designed to be used with JMS providers which follow the JNDI recommendations outlined in section 4.2 of the JMS 1.1 specification. Unfortunately, Oracle AQ is not known to follow these recommendations which means the generic JMS JCA RA that ships with JBoss EAP cannot be used to integrate with it.

      There are other providers that do not follow the JMS 1.1 recommendations as well, but they typically provide their own JCA RA to allow easy integration with other application servers.

      Oracle AQ's administered JMS objects (e.g. connection factories and destinations) must be looked up via a database connection (or perhaps LDAP) rather than JNDI. Nothing shipped with JBoss EAP can do this.

      Does Oracle hava a JCA resource adapter that they might provide for integration with other Java EE application servers like JBoss EAP.

      We need to access Oracle AQ Queues via Message Driven Beans running on JBoss AS (Application Server) 7.1.

      According to our research, we need an Oracle JCA component to do this (and supporting documentation). Does Oracle have such a component and where can we get it?

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