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    Does WebLogic internally have its own webserver?

      Hi All,

      Consider my environment:

      There are two Solaris servers, both having Application1 deployed over WebLogic.
      On the first server, when I start the application - OHS, WebLogic and then finally the application starts up fine. The below confirms that OHS is running.

      bash-3.2$ ps -efc | grep httpd.worker | grep -v grep
      user1 9873 9872 TS 59 07:09:44 ? 0:04 /opt/shared/apps/hyperion/Oracle/Middleware/ohs/ohs/bin/httpd.worker -DSSL
      user1 9882 9873 TS 59 07:09:53 ? 0:00 /opt/shared/apps/hyperion/Oracle/Middleware/ohs/ohs/bin/httpd.worker -DSSL
      user1 9883 9873 TS 59 07:09:53 ? 0:10 /opt/shared/apps/hyperion/Oracle/Middleware/ohs/ohs/bin/httpd.worker -DSSL

      On Server2, the WebLogic starts up fine and deploys the application correctly. But OHS does not start up. OHS is configured to listen on port 19000 on both the servers.

      I understand that the Application1 runs as a WebLogic managed server, but doesn't WebLogic sit on top of OHS? As I cannot see the OHS web server process, I am not sure how Application1 runs without the OHS webserver. Can anyone throw some light on this?


      Note that I am new to Oracle Fusion Middleware and still working on understanding the concepts of how it all fits together. so any guidance will be very much appreciated.


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          OHS and Weblogic MS (Managed Server) are two different components.

          Which port did you used to access your application. If you are using OHS listen port and accessing the application. There is a plug-in in between OHS and Weblogic. That is doing the request routing.

          Also you can access your application directly from Weblogic server using Managed servers listen port.