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    problem with users sessions(project environment: OAS 10g-ODB10g-OADFBC JSP)

      our project works 3 years ago
      our project environment:
      AS: OAS 10g
      DB: ODB 10g R3
      OADF BC & JSP

      windows server 2003 standard x64 sp 2
      RAM: 32 GB
      Ram assigned to AS: 16 GB of ram

      these days we have a critical problem: when I login as ( User1 ) I expect that the home page will display ( welcome: User1 ) and the ( links ) shown on the page
      are the links that ( User1 ) has permission to enter
      but the home page displays ( welcome: User2 ) and the ( links ) shown on the homepage are the links that ( User2 ) has permission to enter.

      we don't know whether the problem related to ( AS ) or ( DB ) or ( the Network )

      Thanks for your interest
      Abd Al-Rahman