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    Learning History Read Only responsibility

      Hi All,

      I need to create a resp with access to only Learning History tab. Can i do this quickly, i.e. is there a specific role I can assign via User Management which gives only access to Learning History tab?

      If not, I will check the menu / functions on Learning Administrator resp and then personalizing any update buttons out. Are there any other threads on this or guides i can use for quick assistance?

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          May know the reason why you want to make it read only?

          There are many ways to make it read only

          Try any of following

          1) Create custom responsibility and give learner history function (you need to add personalisation to restrict online play button)
          2) use seeded responsibility and add personalisation
          3) add profile option to your responsibility "query mode" so that all function would remain in readable mode


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            Business need for read only - it is just the learning history tab that part of the business needs to see.

            1) It appears that this is going to be heavy personalisations around the Catalog function.....

            3) "HR:Query Only mode" Profile Option is only for Core Forms so i do not think will work for HTML screens in OLM, I will just personalise any buttons out


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              Am so sorry, even i checked Query mode is not working in JSP pages,

              You can try out simple solution to get your requirement done
              1.     Create custom responsibility with standard seeded menu.
              2.     Exclude following menu in custom responsibility
              a.     OTA Catalog Tab for Learning Administrator
              b.     OTA Content Tab for Learning Administrator
              c.     OTA Setup Tab for Learning Administrator
              d.     OTA Resource Tab for Learning Administrator

              hope this helps