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    Using apex forms with instead of insert trigger on view


      I have a requirement in which I have to have a form on two table and insert data in which on 1 table has PK which Fk to other table .
      And I need to get the PK back to apex so that i can navigate further after successful insert/update.

      Methods i tried.

      1) Used a view on two table for insert and then created instead of trigger to insert .
      issues -- Work fine until i tried to use returning to apex app as it returning into is not support by instead of trigger.

      2)Created a procedure to insert and then return PK back to apex.
      issues-- Form on procedure cannot be used for EDIT purpose.

      seeking you expertises on this so that i can do insert/update on two different tables (through view) and get the PK value returned back to apex.

      4.1.1 11gr2 linux oc4j

      thanks 4 your time.


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