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    How to pass ITEM:VALUE pair in ICON view link of Interactive Report

      When Icon View is enabled in an interactive report, you can display graphic images (blob data that are stored in the database) in 3 different views.
      1) View Icons
      2) View Report
      3) View Detail
      When you click on the displayed image in views 1 and 3 you navigate to a form to manage the row data and the image. By default it only passes the PK id of the row.
      How do I pass additional ITEM:VALUE pairs when navigating to the detail form page? I want to pass &APP_PAGE_ID. to the form page as well.

      There is an attribute under ICON VIEW called "Link Column" but if I put the "item:value" pair in the fields for this item's "ColumnLink" attributes, there is no effect.

      Also for bonus points...
      how do you make the ICON VIEW attributes, "HTML ALT Text" and "HTML TITLE Text" dynamic e.g. &ITEM. doesn't work here.
      thanks in advance
      Paul P