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    How Can I Install Windows Server 2012 in a X2270 M2?


      I have to install a win 2012 server, standard edition.

      I can´t continue installing because the install software does not recognized the drivers for the disk.
      I have a disk (tools, drivers and firmware) that correspond to X2270 server.

      Could any one help me? there is a instalation guide for w2012 in X2270 server?
      What about of SIA dvd?

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          Pascal Kreyer-Oracle
          Windows 2012 is not certified for this server model and SIA will not help you in this case.

          You can still read the Installation Guide for Windows Operating System document to determine how you can install Windows in this platform but without any guarantee.


          You can also download the drivers in MOS under this patch reference : 14491674

          I will recommend in same time and just before to upgrade the firmwares and BIOS. MOS patch reference is 14491667.