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    Facing 'No Approver Found for Purchase Requisition' error when using AME

      Hello All,

      I am trying to test one simple rule in AME. Below are the the details of the rule.
      Rule name - VO Category = SUPPLIES.FACILITIES
      Item Class - Header
      Rule Type - List Creation
      Condition Type - Ordinary
      Attribute - ITEM_CATEGORY
      Data Type - String
      Item Class - Line Item
      String Value - SUPPLIES.FACILITIES

      2. TRANSACTION_SET_OF_BOOKS_ID is equal to 1
      Condition Type - Ordinary
      Data Type - Number
      Item Class - Header
      TRANSACTION_SET_OF_BOOKS_ID is equal to 1

      Action Type - approval-group chain of authority
      Rule Type - Chain of Authority
      Order No - 1
      Ordering Mode - Serial
      Voting Method - Serial
      Action - Require approval from Facilities Approver Group

      Approver Group Details
      Name - Facilities Approver Group
      Type - Static
      Voting Method - Order Number
      There are two member in this approver group
      Approver Type Approver Order Number
      HR People HR People: akshay7 1
      HR People HR People: akshay8 2

      Now when i create a requisition with akshay7 as preparer then following notification is displayed
      To akshay7
      Sent 21-May-2013 16:55:08
      ID 4681179

      Approval workflow database error occurs while approving Purchase Requisition 14315

      Contact your system administrator to identify the problem and to use SQL*Plus or Workflow Monitor to reactivate the approval workflow where it left off.

      Give your system administrator the following information:

      Error: ORA-20001: The procedure getNextPosition could not find parent position for : HR Positions: 01.Jrbuyer

      Both the employees have one supervisor.
      How to reslove this error?

      Thanks in advance.