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    Oracle picking / allocation problem

      Hi we have the following use case:

      1. Warehouse gets pick requests from OPM
      2. Warehouse might have some components let's say labels. They might have a single roll of 5000 in stock. This cannot be split.
      3. Let us assume we are creating two work orders:
      Quantity of 1000 required on first order
      Quantity of 1500 required on second order
      4. When the picking rules run they would look at the quantity and determine that there is sufficient quantity.
      5. When the pick release program is run this would allocate 1000 and 1500 respectively
      6. When the picker picks the first item he is unable to over-pick because there is a reservation against the other order. Since the roll cannot be split they cannot pick either of the orders fully on the system.

      Has anyone faced a similar issue before? if yes can you please let us know how you got past this?