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    FDM Adptor registration issue

      I'm working on FDM version. I have migrated two FDM applications from env1 to env2. The migration has been done by using FDM workbench client. App1 has successfully
      exported and imported with out any issues. Where as i have issues while importing the App2 in to the target enviornment.
      The error message is 4084 target category was not found for  Global adaptor(Hfm Adaptor name) for source category(category_Name).

      It would be very helpful if some one can let me know resolution for the issue.
      Thanks in advance
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          I got the resolution for this issue. The view and category were mapped wrongly. I have changed those mappings and the adptors are now showing in the work bench client.
          To change the mapping. In workbench client go to view and change the mapping in categories tab.

          Thanks in advance