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    EQG-30123: Filtering failed



      Please your help with the following problem when indexing:

      +15:04:50:640 INFO     filter_0          Documents to process = 1+
      +15:04:51:140 ERROR     crawler_1          EQG-30123: Filtering failed for "http:/tds?id=2&k1=N1023&k2=N0&k3=N0&k4=N0&k5=N0&k6=N0&k7=N0&k8=N0"; trace information:+

      +< Get exception while checking error message from filter:java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\oses\product\\ses\oradata\oses\cache\I1DS2\inso_tmp\278.htm (*El sistema no puede hallar el archivo especificado*)+
      +< Filter process error: exit with status 128 without any error message+

      The error says: "*The system can not find the file specified*"

      I really appreciate your help, I'm complicated topic.

      What I have installed Oracle SES on Windows 2003 R2 sever, Enterprice x64 Edition