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    JavaFX application broken when migrated to Java 8

      In my application I was using JavaFX 2.2 and JRE 1.7.
      Out of curiosity I decided to give it a try to Java 8, and what is happening to my application is that, athough it looks more or less the same when launched, when its window is dragged to another screen with a different size, a big mess happens to the interface.
      For example, if I launch the application in a 26" external monitor it is working fine, but if I drag it to the 15" monitor of my Laptop (with Mac Retina Display), the frame of the window keeps the same size, but all the internal components get reduced to a fragment of its correct size. Still, I realized that in fact the interface components are answering to events in the big frame. I mean, although half of the frame looks almost empty (since the controls use a fraction of it), the controls are somehow in the correct position (regarding user interface event interaction). They are just not drawn with the right size in the right place.
      Hopefully I was able to explain my self correctly. Please let me know if further clarification is needed.

      Is this a known problem ? is there a workaround for this ?

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