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    writing condition in XML

      Hi all,

      In my project I have these steps:
      1. Personal Info
      2. Address Info
      3. Position
      4. Banking
      5. Benefits
      6. Pension
      7. Lumpsum Payment

      I am creating a XML to define sequence of the above steps. Basically the sequence is pretty simple with 2 tags: source tag defines the step where I am currently at and target tag defines the step where I should be next.
      For example the below XML defines the sequence to go from Personal Info step to next step; and from Address Info step to next step:
        <source>Personal Info</source>
        <target>Address Info</target>
        <source>Address Info</source>
      But for some step there may be 1 or more conditions; if all the conditions are true then go to one step else go to another step.

      For example suppose source step is Banking and condition is employee is eligible for Benefit; if the condition is true then next step is Benefits else next step is Pension.

      How can I write such condition in XML?

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