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    Tiling Methods

      I am trying to tile a "rectangle like polygon into multiple rectangle like polygons. I have been using sdo_sam.tiled_bins and am hitting an issue when the polygons are not very rectangular. The tiled bins rountine is using a MBR to tile the poygon and then I clip the created tiles to the actual polygon shape. When I do the clipping, I end up with some narrow triangular pieces at times which violates my requirement. This is geodetic data using 8307 srid and I have not seen any other tiling method in the documentation. I am thinking of using the sdo_util bearing functions to do my own tiling but wanted to know if anyone was aware of any other built in tiling features that can handle tilted polygons



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          Simon Greener

          Could you please provide some data with your question?

          Here is an article I wrote on linestrings [Gridding and Tiling|http://www.spatialdbadvisor.com/oracle_spatial_tips_tricks/259/gridding-a-geo-object-oracle] and polygons in Oracle.

          If this is what you are after, go to my website and download the free pl/sql packages as it is the TESSELATE package that provides the Morton and RegularGridXY functions.

          If this is what you are after, and it works for you, please award points.